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The Panasonic AY-DVM63AMQ Advanced Master Quality Videocassette is a professional grade Mini DV tape. The tape is built to withstand the repeated rewinding, fast forwarding and playback of professional editing. It has excellent characteristics in regard to dropout, clogging and still image playback

Mini DV tape uses DV and Metal Evaporative tape technology.

Lubricant and a durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness that stands up to the repeated rewinding, fast forwarding and playback of professional editing.

S-AME (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology has yielded an improved magnetic density. The output level has been increased by +1.2dB, resulting in a more precise and secure recording.

It offers excellent characteristics in regard to dropout, clogging, still image playback, signal output and error rate.

The dry type lubricant causes less video head wear (-4µm after 500H). It also prevents head clogs and extends head life.

An anti-static paper label treatment for the cassette lid repels dust contaminants and minimizes dropouts.

A soft material that won't break if dropped is used for the cassette case. The two-way lid construction lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.

Brand: Panasonic
Manufacturer Part: AY-DVM63AMQ
Type Format: DVC Cassette Tapes, 5 Pack
Recording Time: 63min
Quantity: 5pcs
Carton: 50pcs per carton

Format: Mini DV

Recording Time: 63 minutes

Data Signal:
Output Level (21MHz): more than 0dB
Frequency Response (21/10.5MHz): within ±2dB
Overwrite (10.5/21MHz): less than 2dB
C/N (21MHz): more than -1dB
C/N (10.5MHz): more than -1dB

Impulse Response: (1/90Tb) within ±5

Recording Characteristics: Optimum Recording Current: 0dB

Tracking Signal:
Output Level (0.47MHz): 0dB
Overwrite (0.47/21MHz): less than -1dB
Magnetic Characteristics Coercivity: 120KA/M
Max. Residual Magnetic Flux Density: 500mT
Squareness: 0.8

Packaging: Plastic case

Coating: DLC (diamond-like coating)

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