Optimum CD-R80MIN/700MB 52X White Thermal Printable to Hub, Metalized Hub Surface 100pcs Bulk Clear Wrapped

Nid: 2770 Model: OPTCRWTM00W
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Optimum CD-R Media In Spindle 52X -

There is a difference between quality made CD-R's and generic, inferior CD-R's. Don't make that mistake and get Optimum 50 Pack CD-Rs in a Spindle. Optimum designs, tests and certifies its media to ensure reliability of data and compatibility with a wide range of drives. Optimum CD-R recordable media are engineered to give you the highest quality and reliability. The Optimum CD-R is a write once, single sided disc and provides 700 MB of space, which translates to eighty minutes of audio recording time. You can use this disc in 1x - 52x write speed compatible writers. With a life expectancy of up to a Century, they can be counted on for many years of exceptional performance.

Notice that: Not all the CD drive can burn this CDR up to 90 min or 99 min, please check our compatibility chart

Brand: Optimum
Manufacturer Part: OPTCRWTM00W
UPC: 637668 228004
Media Type Format: CD-R (CDR), CD Recordable Blank Media
Capacity: 80 Minutes/700MB
Surface Type: White Thermal Printable to Hub, Metalized Hub Surface
Speed Supported: 4X/8X/16X/24X/32X/48X/52X Certified Recordable
Quantity: 100pcs
Package: Bulk Clear Wrapped Wheel Cover
Carton: 600pcs per carton

• Excellent compatibility with most CD-R/CD-RW drives
• Excellent for any general purpose data storages
• Low data error rate
• Can be played back on most CD/DVD-ROM and Players
• Complete product lines to satisfy all your recording needs

• Reliable low cost storage for data and music recording
• High speed 52x recording allows for full disc writes in as little as 2 minutes
• 700MB capacity allows for easy data file archives
• Optimum CD-R media is compatible with most CD-ROM drives, CD players, and audio players manufactured in the past 5 years

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